Chosen +SPARK 2 RGB +Blade


"Pepito Sables" install

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Hilt: Saberforge Chosen, modded to look more like ROTJ Luke

SPARK 2 SOUNDCARD, Configuration of Spark: 1 Switch + movement

Iluminated Green Swith

Features: Change color, on sound, off sound, hum, swing, lookup, blaster deflecction, Track music player, etc

Interchangeable fonts and colors by sd card, inside sd there is more files to congid a second sd card with more colors

Sd 1: Green, Red, Blue.

Inside the Sd1 you have too files to make  more sd with more color

Font from ROTJ

Note you can change all colors and sound and effect with the Spark Editor. This saber in RGB config have infinite colors combination if you learn to use Spark 2 editor:

Led XML 12W RGBW ( setting in RGB)

3d printed chasis, easy sd acces

Panasonic 18650NRC Procected Battery

Charge port + Kill Key (custom made)

2w 8ohm Bass Speaker

Charge Wire with indicators , stop charging when battery is full and color indicators pcb inbluild

Blade: Policarbonate, 1" (25,4mm) diameter  and 90cm ,Blade wall is 1,4mm, pointed tip

Allen key  included in Price.

Full leng blade+hilt= 115cm with 90cm blade.

Item is new, but you can seem minor marks.

Ships from spain, so no customs fees in europe.

1 year warranty


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Chosen +SPARK 2 RGB +Blade

Chosen +SPARK 2 RGB +Blade

"Pepito Sables" install