Graflex Training +SPARK 2 RGB +Blade


"Pepito Sables" install

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329,00 € impuestos incl.

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Hilt: Onereplicas SS-Gf

SPARK 2 SOUNDCARD, Configuration of Spark:2 Switch (Main and Axul)

Features: Change color, on sound, off sound, hum, swing, lookup, blaster deflecction, Track music player, etc

Interchangeable fonts and colors by sd card, I give you 2 microsd cards with this saber

Sd 1: Blue,Dark Blue, Cyan.

Insde the Sd1 you have too files to make  2 more new sd with Blue,Green, Red and Yellow, White, Lime Green.

Sd 2: I can add a second sd with 3 more colors at your taste for extra 10eur. Click Here

Custom fonts by Pepito Sables also in Sd1, inspired TLJ sounds

Note you can change all colors and sound and effect with the Spark Editor. This saber in RGB config have infinite colors combination if you learn to use Spark 2 editor:


Micro Switchs

Slytools Universal Chasis

Panasonic 18650NRC Procected Battery

Charge port under Clamp Card

2w 8ohm Bass Speaker

Charge Wire with indicators , stop charging when battery is full and color indicators pcb inbluild

Easy acces to microsdcard

Hilt: Onereplicas SS-Gf bruhsed and aged by "Pepito Sables" facebook

Blade: Hyperdurable Policarbonate, 1" (25,4mm) diameter  and 92cm or 76cm long (PLEASE TELL ME WHAT DO YOU WANT), trust me you can not broke it. Blade wall is 3mm
Blade tip: threaded tip. 

This blade is have a inside film warp to give the more intense light you have seen in a RGB XPE-2 saber.

Blade Plug custom made included.

Allen key and screwdriver are included in Price.

Full leng blade+hilt= 115cm with 92cm blade, or 99 cm with 76cm blade

Item is new.

Ships from spain, so no customs fees in europe.

Onereplicas Hilt, with this mods:
1-Real 1" bladesockect remachined, the original onel is to tight for most blades
2-Dummy front retention scree added
3-Side tab ball simulation added with inverted screw
4.Remachined Charge port inside clamp
5-Sanded edges, orginal hilt can cut in some places
6-Simulated Contact brass pinds addded
7-Aged painted, t-tracks aged painted too.
8-T-racks screws added
9-Acuratte red switch painted

Spark 2 RGB with 2 switchs config, 3fonts, Please see videos and 3 blues, efecto in multicolors at my taste. Blaster defection, lockup, foc. Fully configurable from Spark 2 editor, editor is inside sd and a PDF with how to.

Blade plug custom
Kill Key custom


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Graflex Training +SPARK 2 RGB +Blade

Graflex Training +SPARK 2 RGB +Blade

"Pepito Sables" install