Momentary Neopixel Switch 12mm

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Neopixel Switch

Presolder MicroJST connector


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Iluminated momentary switch.

Made with Proffie Board/Teensy Saber in mind.

Soundboard Compatible Same or above: Spark3, Spark3Color, Igniter 3, Nano Biscotte V4/ Primz V5, ProffieBoard, Teensy saber (all versions)

Not compatible: Spark2, Spark2Color, Igniter2, Nanobiscotte v3/Primz 4

Color: Neopixel RGB (Not same than usual BGR Neopixel Strips)

Resistor: Need a 330-470ohm resistor in Data Line (yellow wire)

Presolder MicroJST Female+Male, you not need extra connector

Hole diameter 12mm

Outside Circle diameter 14mm

Saberforge compatible.


Black: GND

Red: Vin 3,7V

Green: Button

Yellow: Data Line, you must add 330-470ohm resistor.


Proffie Board/Teensy Saber: Config the switch as a new blade with this code:

WS2811BladePtr<1, WS2811_580kHz | WS2811_RGB, blade2Pin, PowerPINS<> >(),

Other boards:

Solder Data Line to main blade Neopixel Data line in the Soundboard. So the switch will mimic the Main Blade. Check if your neopixel blade is also RGB for matching the color. Or if you have a teensy/proffie you can configure the switch in RGB or GBR to match blade and switch color.


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Momentary Neopixel Switch 12mm

Momentary Neopixel Switch 12mm

Neopixel Switch

Presolder MicroJST connector