Graflex 89Sabers Neopixel + ProffieBoard1.5

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Install by Pepito Sables

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Pics and videos availabe 31 Jan 2019

Please watch the video at the bottom of this text.

Hilt: KRSabers/89Sabers, last batch.
Sanyo NCR20700B(20A) 4250mAh 3.7V, protected.
Neopixel Blade 1"" Tri-Lada, (3 strips for a total of 379 leds) from slimsaber.
Blade have no shadow zones like most of the neopixel blades, the 3x strips + internal difusión material, make a perfect blade.
Heavy grade Blade 3mm wall, pointed hollow tip.
Neowars Connectors system. Charge Port is in the emmiter.
Custom Crystall Chamber by Slimsaber.
All metal, aluminum, brass, stell, powder coating in copper
Unique real Quartz crystall, not printed one
Super easy acces to the sd and usb program dock
Neopixel accent leds
The chamber is very durable.
All metal, Crystal Chamber, powder coated Paint.
Inside the crystal, the Board holders are 3d printed, just 2 small parts, for the board not make contact with metal parts. (Watch videos of the chamber)
Charge port adapter (This saber charge in emmiter).
ProffieBoard v1.5, Proffie OS, several effect, and more than 10x fonts and colors/effects, Please watch video. Also a lot of hours working on the code for the effects of the chamber, blade, voices, music, fonts setup.
Main Font is KSith Flex, as is the best Graflex Font compatible with smothswing and Graflex Sound.
Also you Have LS& KSith, RogueOne Kshith, and more than 10 smoothswing fonts, so each setup in this saber is unique.
16GB microSD.
The 2 switches are working as Main and Aux.
Custom machined Activation Blade plug + inside led, auto kill key function when no blade or no bladeplug are in emmiter socket
28mm 2w 8ohm KR Bass Speaker
USB charge wire included, worldwide compatible (Smart charge control chip, avoids overloads)
25,4 x 92cm blade Tri-Lada (1") from Slimsaber.
All are new.
1 year warranty by SlimsaberThe warranty covers all in first year. the 1" blade is not suitable for hard combat, as it can damage internal leds, so blade it is not covered by warranty. Anyways is the hardest neopixel blade you will find.
A backup of the code/firmaware is inside sd card.

Please watch the videos:

Blade Effects.

Crystal Chamber.

Unassembly the chamber to acces SD card and programming port.


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Graflex 89Sabers Neopixel + ProffieBoard1.5

Graflex 89Sabers Neopixel + ProffieBoard1.5

Install by Pepito Sables