Igniter 3

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Igniter 3 by Naigon Electronics

Support RGB, Neopixel, etc

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The following are the software and hardware specs for the Igniter 3™ sound board.

  • Drive an RGB LED to experience TruColor™; now any blade color is ready via the config file.
  • Support for both a traditional LED or a NeoPixel string in the same board! Experience the brightness of the strings with the amazing Extension and Retraction Flow, and Impact Blast™, the ability to replicate bolts hitting the blade.
  • Experience Multi-Die Clash™ at its full potential. You can now have any color not only for your blade color, but for your bling-on-cling effects as well!
  • Experience 16 different sabers in one - with 16 different banks you can have 16 different blade colors and sounds to match. Create a dark, light, grey and anything in between, all configurable via the config.ini file and selectable by simply pressing the aux button to get to the next font. And with with MultiPhase™, it is possible to match any hum with any other sound set, giving a total of 16 x 16 = 265 total sound combinations!
  • With Blast Shade™, Clash Shade™, and Blade Shade™ experience multiple shades for your blade and effects colors in one font!
  • Experience DualPhase™, the ultimate feature in color! Now you can transition between two different colors with the flick of the wrist, and can even swap the hums to have a distinct sound for each blade color.
  • Behold the power of Saber Apps™, the first saber OS that allows an infinite possibility of experiences for your saber. Load configuration apps, games, and even the Spark Color™ firmware all on one saber!
  • Supports 22050Hz, 16bit mono wav files.
  • Supports TruMix™ with Auto-Compressing Technology™ which supports crystal clear mixing of sounds without the need to pre-mix them. This allows for any hum to be used with any other effect sound, allowing endless possibilities for sound font creation.
  • Supports up to 16 different sound fonts, which can be used to store different sounds and different settings for blade effects, swing settings and clash settings.
  • Supports up to 99 sounds of each effect per sound font. You will never again worry about hearing the same sound twice!
  • Live the movies as you use Saber Cinema™; play your favorite tunes, and still use your saber with light and effects sounds, all while the music is playing!
  • Comes with 8 Accent LEDs pads, 3 being easy solder that can be used to drive up to 8 Accent LEDs. Choose from one of the 8 patterns including "Random", where it cycles through all patterns randomly. Patterns speed/effects are completely configurable, so you will never run out of fresh ideas here!
  • Hardware specs: 16bit DAC, 2.4W @ 8ohm Audio amp, 4A MOSFET for driving 4 independent die, inputs for two momentary switches (main and aux), 8 outputs for driving small 2-3v accent LEDs, fully integrated 6-axis swing detection for motion and impact detection.
  • Board size: 2.07” x 0.85” x 0.26” with driver; 1.75” x 0.85” x 0.26” driver removed.



De lo mejorcito.

Una joya que ofrece una ingente cantidad de configuraciones y fuentes, fácil de cablear y cómoda para meter y sacar la microSD.

La contra seria tal vez que el software para configurar no funciona fino siempre. Pero en poco ya te has hecho a el.

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    Igniter 3

    Igniter 3

    Igniter 3 by Naigon Electronics

    Support RGB, Neopixel, etc