V4 RGB From YDDsaber

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16 Colors

3 SoundFonts

Blaster Deflection, Lockup

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V4 RGB from YddSaber


16 Colors (using a RGB tricree)

Foc, Blaster deflection, Lockup effect

Sounds: 3 Banks, you can not modify the Banks. On, Off, Swing, Foc, Blaster and Lockup

Operation: All operation is under 1 momentary switch, PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEOS

Size: 20mmx60mm

1. Input voltage: 3.7V Input current: 4A
2. Output voltage: 3.3V Output current: 2.8A
3. Support LED: 12 watts RGB LED
4. Sound: 3 sets of sound fonts plus mute mode(can not change sound fonts)
5. Function: 16 kinds of color changing, FOC, can support cross guard and double blade lightsaber
6. Use: Holds 3 separate fonts, font select when saber is turned off, hold down button to change font.
Auxiliary effects, blaster and lock up. When saber is on, tapping button plays blaster sound, double click plays lock up on a loop, tapping button again ends lockup loop.
Flash on clash by increasing voltage for 0.5 seconds to increase brightness of blade momentarily. Flash on clash should trigger on a clash sound, and a blaster sound.
Turning saber on and off, tapping button turns saber on, holding button down for three seconds turns saber off.
Triple click to change colors.

Charge control. This board have internal control charge circuit, you can solder charge port in Ch+ and Ch- pads

3,7vin, usually 18650

No sdcard or change fonts.

IMPORTANT: Changin polarity of battery in B+ B- or CH- Ch+ will ruin the board and no warranty for this will be allowed.


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V4 RGB From YDDsaber

V4 RGB From YDDsaber

16 Colors

3 SoundFonts

Blaster Deflection, Lockup